First Step in Buying a Home in Clarksville, TN

You have made the decision to purchase a home, but now what do you do? The first step before you even start looking at homes is to talk to a lender about how much you will be qualified to spend. You don’t want to start looking and then later find out you can’t spend as […]

Organize your Move to Clarksville, TN

Congratulations! You just closed on your new home in Clarksville, TN and now comes the hard part…moving! Here are some tips to make your move a little more organized. Supplies 1) Pocket Folder with paper 2) Boxes – You can purchase boxes at your local truck rental store or call your local supermarket and ask […]

Where should I live in the Clarksville TN, Fort Cambell Area

There are currently 1,775 homes active (Search the area listings) in the Clarksville TN, Fort Campbell area. This does not include the 83 Foreclosure homes. Picking just one home is difficult. We can help you narrow down your search. The Vaughn Team can build custom reports by school district, pools, size of rooms, and over […]

Meadowgate Lane vs Fox Trail

You can buy 716 Meadowgate Lane, Clarksville TN 37040 for: $1167.08* per month OR You can RENT 3601 Fox trail for $200 more per month and get a smaller home. Contact Amanda for Pre-Approval *Monthly payment includes estimated taxes and insurance, is based on sales price $186,000, zero down and interaste rate of 4.0% (4.236% […]

Clarksville TN Septic System Care

Does a Septic System Require Maintenance? Your recent real estate purchase in the Clarksville, TN area has a septic system. Does it require any maintenance? Will it always run problem free, or will you have strange odors, or worse yet, a yucky mess to deal with? An Ounce of Prevention We have all heard the […]

Cleaning Clarksville TN Rain Gutters

Do I Really Have to Clean the Rain Gutters? All homes purchased in the Clarksville, TN area are going to get rained on. The majority will have leaves fall into the gutters. What is the worst that could happen if you just ignore nature? To name a few, you could get cracks in your foundation, […]

5 Tips for Lawn Care in Late Summer

1. What is your lawn type and geographic location? Decide what type of lawn you have before you start reading up on what type of lawncare to perform. In many countries like the United States you can look at the Plant Zone for your state and municipality. This will help you determine what is the […]